On the table

    On the table
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    It’s Valentine’s Day in February, so why not invite your loved one to a candlelit dinner for two? We present language to talk about what’s on the table.

    A festive dinner

    It was a Valentine’s Day that Lucy would never forget. Phil, her boyfriend, had to invite sb. for a mealjdn. zum Essen einladeninvited her for a meal in his flat. Knowing Phil, she expected a Chinese takeawayEssen zum Mitnehmentakeaway to be eaten with plastic chopsticksEssstäbchenchopsticks, and shop-bought ice cream for dessertzum Nachtischfor dessert. Instead, she was greeted by mouth-wateringköstlich, appetitlichmouth-watering smellDuft, Geruchsmells coming from the kitchen. The dining tableEsstischdining table was to sethier: deckenset with white linenweißes Leinenwhite linen and porcelainPorzellanporcelain crockeryGeschirrcrockery. The cutleryBesteckcutlery and glasswareGlasgeschirrglassware reflected the light of two candleKerzecandles in silver candlestickKerzenständercandlesticks. knifeMesserKnives, forkGabelforks and spoonLöffelspoons were arranged in the correct order. A wine coolerWeinkühlerwine cooler holding a bottle of champagneeine Flasche Champagnera bottle of champagne stood on the sideboardAnrichtesideboard.

    Phil to pull out a chaireinen Stuhl heranziehenpulled out a chair for Lucy and sat down opposite her. Then a man carrying a trayTabletttray appeared from the kitchen and to serveservierenserved them appetizerVorspeiseappetizers. Four more courses followed. The meal was to round sth. offetw. abrundenrounded off by a deliciousköstlichdelicious chocolate mousse.

    When the to hire a chefeinen Koch engagierenhired chef had to poureinschenkenpoured the coffee and retired to the kitchen, Phil pulled something from his pocket and took hold of Lucy’s hand. Can you guess what happened next?

    The vocabulary of the table

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. carafeWeinkaraffecarafe
    2. candlestickKerzenständercandlestick
    3. pepper millPfeffermühlepepper mill
    4. jug (UK), pitcher (N. Am.)Wasserkrugjug (UK), pitcher (N. Am.)
    5. salad bowlSalatschüsselsalad bowl
    6. salad serverSalatbestecksalad server
    7. cup and saucerTasse und Untertassecup and saucer
    8. cutlery, flatware (N. Am.)Besteckcutlery, flatware (N. Am.)
    9. table mat (UK), place mat (N. Am.)Tischset, Platzdeckchen table mat (UK), place mat (N. Am.)
    10. serviette (UK), napkinServietteserviette (UK), napkin
    11. napkin ringServiettenringnapkin ring 
    12. lidDeckellid
    13. tureenSuppenterrinetureen
    14. ladleSuppenkelleladle
    15. table runnerTischläufertable runner
    16. serving dishServierplatteserving dish
    17. serving spoonServierlöffelserving spoon
    18. tableclothTischdecketablecloth
    19. carving knifeBratenmessercarving knife
    20. dinner plateTeller (für das Hauptgericht)dinner plate
    21. bread basketBrotkorbbread basket
    22. salt cellar (UK), salt shaker (N. Am.)Salzstreuersalt cellar (UK), salt shaker (N. Am.)
    23. pepper pot (UK), pepper shaker (N. Am.)Pfefferstreuerpepper pot (UK), pepper shaker (N. Am.)
    24. gravy boatSaucieregravy boat


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