“She was embedded into our culture”

    Royal family
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    I’m a strong believer in equityGleichheit, Gerechtigkeitequity, opportunity, and the idea that ability (and hard work) can to trumpübertrumpfentrump privilege. That someone should govern by virtue ofaufgrund von, dankby virtue of birth is anathemaReizthema, Gräuelanathema to me. But I also recognise the value of public service, of wisdom and experience, and the reassuranceBeruhigungreassurance of constancyBeständigkeitconstancy in an era of great uncertainty. As a republican, the death of Britain’s longest serving monarch brings more emotions to the table than just sadness. Above all, of course, is compassionMitgefühlcompassion for her to grievetrauerngrieving family.

    The Queen was always there, quietly doing her duty

    From a young age, I watched the Queen, in her colourful outfits, hats and handbags, lead what seemed like a fancy dressKostümfancy-dress parade of royals. As a boy scoutPfadfinderboy scout, I puzzled over my oathSchwur, Eidoath to “God and to the Queen” and its strange equivalenceGleichwertigkeitequivalence. Later, I looked with envyNeidenvy at grown-up democracies across the world that to thrivegedeihenthrived without monarchies. And yet, somehow, the Queen was always there, quietly doing her duty. Whether on stamps and currencyWährungcurrency, the national anthemNationalhymnenational anthem, at charity and sports events, Westminster, the Commonwealth, or her Christmas Day message, she was embeddedverwurzeltembedded into our culture.

    The Queen to excel at sth.sich durch etw. auszeichnenexcelled at common sensegesunder Menschenverstandcommon sense and diplomacy, while her sense of duty (and humour) provided the balmBalsambalm for a fracturedangeknackst, gebrochenfractured and to self-harmsich selbst schadenself-harming nation. Now the country, and international community, must prepare for a different future. As millions to pay their respectsihren Respekt zollen, die letzte Ehre erweisenpay their respects, how many understand what it is they are mourning, except a calm and certain presence, an understanding that something significant has been lost that can never be to regainwiedergewinnenregained?


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