In the sauna

    Illustration: Sauna
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    “The sauna is the poor man’s pharmacy,” a Finnish proverb says. Regular use of a sauna will boostankurbeln, stärkenboost your immune system, to ridbefreienrid your body of toxinGiftstofftoxins, improve your circulationKreislaufcirculation and to cleansereinigencleanse your skin. Further health benefits include relaxation and to relieve stressStress abbauenrelieving stress.

    Tips for first-time sauna users

    • Remove all clothes and footwear.
    • Remove any jewellery, contact lenses or glasses.
    • Always shower before entering the sauna.
    • Sit or lie on a towel while using the sauna.
    • Do not use the sauna on a full stomach.
    • Do not use the sauna if you are ill. If in doubt, consult a doctor.
    • If you feel faintschwachfaint or unwell, leave the sauna room immediately.
    • Keep conversation to a minimum.
    • Stay in the sauna for no more than 15 minutes.
    • to recoversich erholenRecover for 20 minutes between sauna sessions.
    • After each session, cool off in the fresh air.
    • Wash off perspiration with cold water before using the plunge pool.
    • Enter the plunge pool graduallyallmählichgradually. Do not use it if you have high blood pressure.
    • Rest and drink plenty of water before beginning the next sauna cycle.
    • Enjoy yourself!



    In the sauna: vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. steamDampfsteam
    2. hourglassSanduhrhourglass
    3. thermometerThermometerthermometer
    4. lockersSchließfächerlockers
    5. plunge poolTauchbeckenplunge pool
    6. stoveOfenstove
    7. bathrobeBademantelbathrobe
    8. hoseSchlauchhose
    9. towelHandtuchtowel
    10. bucket and dipperEimer und Schöpflöffel für Aufgüssebucket and dipper
    11. hot stonesheiße Steinehot stones
    12. birch twigsBirkenzweigebirch twigs
    13. benchBankbench
    14. sweatSchweißsweat


    In the nude

    In Scandinavia, German-speaking countries, the Netherlands and some other European countries, saunas — whether single- or mixed-sex — are used in the nudenacktin the nude; in other words, unclothedunbekleidetunclothed or nakednacktnaked. In the US, however, nudityNacktheitnudity is bannedverbotenbanned in all public ­places, including saunas. In the UK, Canada and Australia, removing all your clothes is permitted only in single-sex saunas.

    Here are some more words that mean “naked”:
    If you are in a state of undressEntkleidungundress (formal) or in your birthday suitAdamskostüm (hum.)birthday suit (humorous), you are not wearing any clothes. If someone is described as stark nakedsplitterfasernacktstark naked, this emphasizes that he or she is wearing no clothes at all. You can also say that a person does to not have a stitch on (ifml.)nichts am Leib habennot have a stitch on or is not wearing a stitch. If a part of your body is not covered by clothes, you can say that it is barebloß, nacktbare.