Police work

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    It’s their job to stop crime, keep public order and help in emergencies. We present language to talk about police work.

    Brent Police bulletin for 8 January

    A man was caught to shopliftstehlenshoplifting this morning in the High Street branchFiliale, Niederlassungbranch of Dixon’s. The store detective tried to detainfestnehmen, festhaltendetain him, but the suspectmutmaßliche(r) Täter(in)suspect to make offsich aus dem Staub machenmade off with a laptop computer. He is described as a white male of average build in his early twenties. eyewitnessAugenzeuge, -zeuginEyewitnesses are requested to contact Brent Police on 618 2994.

    Brent Police are to appeal for sth.dringend um etw. bittenappealing for information after a man suffered serious head injuries on Sunday evening. The victimOpfervictim was to robausrauben, beraubenrobbed outside Barclay’s Bank in Victoria Road. Anyone who to witness sth.etw. mitansehenwitnessed the assaultAngriffassault or who saw any suspiciousverdächtigsuspicious activity around 10 p.m. on 7 January is asked to contact Brent Police on 618 2986.

    A 37-year-old woman has been to arrestfestnehmenarrested in connection with sth.in Zusammenhang mit etw.in connection with a fatal hit-and-runUnfallfluchthit-and-run incident on Neal Street. Police to respond to sth.auf etw. reagierenresponded to an anonymous phone call at 2 a.m. on Sunday. A 20-year-old man was found dead at the scenehier: Tatortscene. An SUV with a running engine had been abandoned by its driver. The owner of the vehicle has been to be charged with sth.unter Anklage gestellt werden wegen etw.charged with manslaughter. If you have any information on the incidentVorfallincident, please call the investigating officerErmittlungsbeamter, -beamtininvestigating officer on 618 2970.

    The vocabulary of police work

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. identification parade (UK), line-up (US)Polizeiliche Gegenüberstellungidentification parade, line-up 
    2. suspectTatverdächtige(r)suspect
    3. dog handlerHundeführer(in)dog handler
    4. riot policeBereitschaftspolizeiriot police
    5. radioFunkgerätradio
    6. traffic officerVerkehrspolizist(in)traffic officer
    7. police patrol vehicle, squad carStreifenwagenpolice patrol vehicle, squad car
    8. flashing lightsBlaulichtflashing lights
    9. warrant cardPolizeidienstausweiswarrant card
    10. police officerPolizeibeamter, -beamtinpolice officer
    11. holsterPistolenhalfterholster
    12. gunSchusswaffegun
    13. handcuffsHandschellenhandcuffs
    14. breathalyserAlkoholtestgerätbreathalyser
    15. plain-clothes police officerPolizist(in) in Zivilplain-clothes police officer
    16. unmarked police carZivilfahrzeug der Polizeiunmarked police car


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