Claire Owen


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    Transcript: Claire Owen

    OK, so in the evening, we tend to have dinner fairly early because we’ve got a rather lengthy routine with my son in the evenings. He’s highly sensitive and he tends to get very active in the evening. He needs lots of rough and tumble and activities to get all the pent-up energy out from his day at school. So, we have rough play, we have quiet play, we have Albie’s special time where he can choose whatever he wants, even if it’s a little bit naughty like throwing water all over me. So, we have a bit of time for that after dinner. And if my husband’s doing all that — because we take turns in putting him to bed — then I get a chance to do some more work. So, in the evenings with TinyTalk, I need to unpack all my stuff, especially if I’m not doing the same class the next day, I need to have a look at the lesson plan for the next day, restock my prop bags, make sure I’ve got the register correct for the people arriving, and clean all my instruments and all my toys from my toy bags. And I have separate toy bags for each class, so people never cross-contaminate each other. So, there’s a lot of cleaning with anti-bac[terial] wipe that I do in the evening. And then if I’ve promised any Facebook songs or anything, I try and get those done in the evening. So, I put a bit more information about what we’ve done in class on Facebook and sometimes sing and sign a song. There might be a bit of marketing to do as well. And then, my son, because he does struggle with going to sleep, might be asleep by 9 or 10. Around that time, my husband and I get about an hour together to crash on the sofa, maybe watch the latest series we’re watching on DVD and go to bed to read about 11:00, crash about 11:15, ready for the next day.