At the optician's

    At the optician's
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Most people who wear glasses are either short-sighted or long-sighted. But glasses have also become a fashion accessory. We present the language you need to shop at the optician’s. 


    Buying glasses

    Assistant: Can I help you?
    Clare: Yes. I’ve just to have your eyes testedeinen Sehtest machen lassenhad my eyes tested. Here’s the prescriptionRezeptprescription your optometrist gave me.
    Assistant: Ah, yes. Have you to wear glasseseine Brille tragenworn glasses before? Or contacts, contact lensesKontaktlinsencontacts?
    Clare: No, neither. I had 20/20 visionvolle Sehschärfe20/20 vision until recently. But lately, I’ve been having difficulty reading, especially in dim light. My husband keeps telling me to stop to squintblinzeln, die Augen zusammenkneifensquinting.
    Assistant: Ah, well, most people become long-sightedweitsichtiglong-sighted as they grow older.
    Clare: I bought myself a pair of ready-readersFertigbrillepair of ready-readers — you know, those cheap reading glassesLesebrillereading glasses that you can find everywhere…
    Assistant: We definitely don’t recommend those. You can to ruin your eyesightsich die Augen verderbenruin your eyesight with the wrong lenses. Have you thought about trying varifocalshier: Gleitsichtbrillevarifocals? We have a special offer at just £199. That includes scratch-resistantKratzfestscratch-resistant, reflection-freereflexionsfreireflection-free lenses…
    Clare: Does that mean they’re tintedgetönttinted?
    Assistant: No, no, the lenses are colourlessfarbloscolourless. The offer comes with a Ersatzbrillespare pairspare pair or a pair of prescription sunglassesSonnenbrille mit Sehstärkeprescription sunglasses. Why don’t you try on a few frameGestellframes to see what suits you?



    At the optician’s: vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. rimless glassesrandlose Brillerimless glasses
    2. eye chartSehtafeleye chart
    3. framesBrillengestellframes
    4. glasses caseBrillenetuiglasses case
    5. bifocalsZweistärkenbrillebifocals
    6. glasses clothBrillen-Putztuchglasses cloth
    7. glasses spectacles (UK), specs (ifml.), eyeglasses (N. Am.)Brilleglasses spectacles (UK), specs (ifml.), eyeglasses (N. Am.)
    8. bridgeSteg der Brillebridge
    9. temple, earpiece, armBrillenbügeltemple, earpiece, arm
    10. hingeScharnierhinge
    11. nose padNasenauflagenose pad
    12. lensBrillenglaslens
    13. disposable wipesEinmalfeuchttücher für Brillendisposable wipes
    14. contacts, contact lensesKontaktlinsencontacts, contact lenses
    15. contact lens solutionKontaktlinsenflüssigkeitcontact lens solution



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