A nativity play

    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Before Christmas, many schoolchildren take part in nativity plays. Here, we present the language to talk about this topic.

    Good tidings of great joy

    Dear Jess

    Are you free on Friday the 22nd? If so, do come and watch Evie to performaufführen, spielenperform in her school’s nativity playWeihnachtskrippenspielnativity play. Evie would be thrilled to have her favourite auntie in the audience.
    The past few days have been nerve-racking. Of course, Evie had hoped to be cast as Mary, but an older girl got the leading role. First-year pupils are usually just given bit parts. Evie was worried she might have to play a sheep or a star. But she was lucky: she’s the angel who to announceverkündenannounces Christ’s birth to the shepherdSchäfer, Hirteshepherds. She’s already learned her lines to perfection.

    All the mums and dads have been assigned various tasks. Guess who has to make Evie’s costume! Luke is helping with the props. He’s just gone to the shops to try to buy some hay for the manger.

    Well, I’d better sign off now and drive Evie to her rehearsal.
    Hope to see you on Friday.

    Love from us all, and a big hug from your sister
    Polly xx


    The vocabulary of a nativity play

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.


    1. wingFlügelwing
    2. angelEngelangel
    3. Star of BethlehemStern von BethlehemStar of Bethlehem
    4. stableStallstable
    5. donkeyEseldonkey
    6. oxOchseox
    7. shepherdSchäfershepherd
    8. sheepSchafsheep
    9. mangerFutterkrippemanger
    10. the Infant JesusJesuskindthe Infant Jesus
    11. the Holy FamilyHeilige Familiethe Holy Family
    12. haloHeiligenscheinhalo
    13 .the Three Wise Mendie Heiligen Drei Königethe Three Wise Men
    14. frankincenseWeihrauchfrankincense
    15. audiencePublikumaudience


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