On the motorway

    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Motorways in the UK

    Britain’s first motorway (UK)Autobahnmotorway was not the M1, as one might think, but the M6 – or rather an eight-mile stretchStreckestretch of it, the Preston bypassUmgehungsstraßeBypass. It opened in 1958. The M1 opened the following year. Linking London and Leeds, it was Britain’s first full-lengthdurchgehendfull-length interurbanstädteverbindendinterurban motorway. The first service areaRasthofservice area, Watford Gap Services, located between Junctions 16 and 17, opened at the same time.

    Britain’s most famous motorway is probably the M25. It forms a large circle all around London. At 188 kilometres in length, it is Europe’s second-longest ring roadOrtsumgehung, Ringstraßering road, only to surpassübertreffen, überbietensurpassed by the Berlin Ring. notoriousberüchtigt, verrufenNotorious for its frequent traffic jamVerkehrsstautraffic jams, it is also one of Europe’s most congestedverkehrsreichcongested motorways.

    Traffic is particularly heavy in the summer holidays, when families with school-age children all to hit the road (ifml.)losfahrenhit the road at the same time. If you are planning to drive in Britain this summer, remember that the speed limitGeschwindigkeitsbeschränkungspeed limit on motorways is 70 miles (just under 113 kilometres) per hour. All British motorways are toll-freemautfreitoll-free, with one exception: you have to pay for a 43-kilometre stretch of motorway on the M6, north of Birmingham.

    Motorway vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.


    Vocabulary list

    1. signSchild, Wegweisersign: Schild, Wegweiser

    2. slip roadbefestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifenslip road (UK) / ramp (N. Am.)befestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifenramp (N. Am.)  befestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifen

    3. tow truckAbschleppwagentow truck: Abschleppwagen

    4. petrol station (UK)Tankstellepetrol station (UK) / gas station (N. Am.)Tankstellegas station (N. Am.): Tankstelle

    5. car park (UK)Parkplatzcar park (UK) / parking lot (N. Am.)Parkplatzparking lot (N. Am.): Parkplatz

    6. sercivesRasthofservices, sercive areaRasthofsercive area: Rasthof

    7. hard shoulder (UK)befestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifenhard shoulder (UK), breakdown lane (N. Am.)befestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifenbreakdown lane (N. Am.): befestigter Randstreifen, Standstreifen

    8. emergency telephoneNotruftelefonemergency telephone: Notruftelefon

    9. junctionKreuzungjunction: Kreuzung

    10. laneFahrspurlane: Fahrspur

    11. carriagewayFahrbahncarriageway: Fahrbahn

    12. roadworksBaustelleroadworks: Baustelle

    13. speed trapRadarfallespeed trap: Radarfalle