Love and romance

    Illustration: Stadien einer Beziehung
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    In Spotlight 2/19, we present the language of romance. Here, you can find the German translations for this issue’s Picture It.


    1. to fancy sb.auf jmdn. stehenfancy sb., to have a crush on sb.1. auf jmdn. stehenhave a crush on sb.
    2. to fall in love with sb.2. sich in jmdn. verliebenfall in love with sb.
    3. to be jealous of sb.auf jmdn. eifersüchtig seinbe jealous of sb.
    4. to propose to sb.jmdm. einen Heiratsantrag machenpropose to sb.
    5. to get marriedheiratenget married
    6. to go on your honeymoonin die Flitterwochen fahrengo on your honeymoon
    7. to start a familyeine Familie gründenstart a family
    8. to celebrate your golden wedding anniversaryGoldene Hochzeit feierncelebrate your golden wedding anniversary


    Stadien einer Beziehung


    Old love, new love

    Emma: Sana, congratulations! I’ve just heard you’ve got to get engagedsich verlobenengaged. When did Rafi to pop the questioneinen Heiratsantrag machenpop the question? Did he get down on one knee? Tell me all about it!
    Sana: Well, actually it’s not Rafi. My fiancéVerlobterfiancé’s name is Nasir.
    Emma: Oh! I thought you and Rafi were an to be an itemein Pärchen seinitem. I know for sure he’s got a crush on you. So how long have you and Nasir been dating?
    Sana: A month or so.
    Emma: A month?
    Sana: We met online, on a matrimonial sitePartnerseitematrimonial site. We’re a 98 per cent matchÜbereinstimmungmatch.
    Emma: Shouldn’t you get to know him better first? Sean and I lived together for five years before even thinking about marriage.
    Sana: Well, yeah, but then you broke up soon afterwards, didn’t you? Don’t worry. It’s not an arranged marriage, and he’s not marrying me for my dowryMitgiftdowry either. We’re in love.
    Emma: Of course, Sana. I didn’t mean to to implyunterstellenimply anything. I’m happy for you. I wish I could find Mr Right! Apart from the oddgelegentlichodd flingLiebelei, Affärefling, I’ve been single ever since my divorce. Whenever I fall in love, it’s either unrequitedunerwidertunrequited, or my new boyfriend will start to cheatbetrügencheating on me after a few weeks. Or worse: He’ll leave his hair in the bath and his dirty socks on the floor!


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