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    In Spotlight 7/22 we asked you to share your stories and poems with other readers. We received 45 wonderful texts and had a hard time picking our favourites.


    Here are the winners:


    Activity 1: Write a 100-word story inspired by one of the titles.


    Locked out

    Martin was sure that today, of all days, was not his. Grinning from one fluffy ear to the other, Smiley was watching him through the front window. Today martin had already bumped his toe against the bedpost, and the horrors continued when his toast was mouldy. Finally, Martin knocked over his cup, spilling the warm tea over Smiley who was happily munching his breakfast. Smiley was not amused. Maybe this unappreciated shower was the reason why the cat looked so smug, first eyeing Martin and then the keys on their hook next to the door, while Martin was outside, looking in.

    Felix Leberling


    The Lost Glove

    Looking beautiful in her white wedding dress, Maria felt increasingly worried about her upcoming first  “most important day. Would everything be all right? To calm herself down, she opened the drawer to take a look at her beloved late grandmother´s white glove. She intended to wear it at the ceremony as her lucky charm.

    Unfortunately, the glove was not to be found. Shortly before the wedding started, her soon-to-be husband handed her a small box with the missing glove in side, freshly repaired and looking brand new. Overflowing with joy, she knew, both of them would live happily ever after.

    Simone Schirmer


    At the Crossroads

    As Lisa approached the crossroads, she started feeling puzzled. Where was she going? She stopped the car under the signpost and looked up. To the left it said, “Miketown, 100 miles”. Straight on was “Independence City, 100 miles”. Before she could look at the third sign, Pete turned over in his sleep, snatching the duvet away and starting to snore loudly. Lisa woke up. She lay there for a while in the dark, shivering and wide awake. Then she fetched a blanket, snuggled up under it, closed her eyes and went straight back into her dream with all those wonderful opportunities.

    Annette Willsch


    Activity 2: Write free verse inspired by one of the photos.

    Like a Butterfly
    and free,
    that’s what
    we should be.
    Like a butterfly.

    Kyra Lüthi




    Always listening
    Always there
    Sitting in the dark
    Watching over you
    A feeling of safety
    A feeling of unrest

    Tim Joller




    The lion
    for a pride of lions
    feared and admired
    the boss
    patient with the cubs
    cruel and merciless to his enemies
    fast asleep totally relaxed
    hard rocks don´t bother him
    dreaming of green grass
    playing with the little ones.

    Günter Simon


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