At the flea market

    Flea markets
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Do you enjoy rummaging through old junk in the hope of stumbling on a treasure? We present language to talk about flea markets.



    My sister and I are flea-market fiendFanatiker(in)fiends. We’ll spend hours happily to rummagedurchstöbern, durchwühlenrummaging through boxes of old junkGerümpel, Ramschjunk. More often than not, we’ll just pick up a few worthlesswertlosworthless trinketbilliger Schmucktrinkets, but every now and then, we’ll to unearthausgraben, aufstöbernunearth a real find: a rareseltenrare first edition, a valuablewertvoll, kostbarvaluable antique broochBroschebrooch, or a vintage Gucci handbag. My sister to have an eye for sth.ein Auge für etw. habenhas an eye for a bargainSchnäppchenbargain and will always find some itemGegenstand, Artikel, Sacheitem or other to add to her collection of curioKuriositätcurios and bric-a-bracKrimskramsbric-a-brac. Someone tried to sell her a knock-offgefälschtknock-off Louis Vuitton bag for £200 the other day, but she to spoterkennenspotted the fakeFälschung, Imitationfake a mile away.

    Both of us love to hagglefeilschenhaggling. We usually end up paying only a fractionBruchteilfraction of the asking pricePreisforderungasking price. Last year at an antiques market in the south of France, we to stumble onunerwartet auf etw. stoßenstumbled on a treasure troveFundgrube, Schatztreasure trove of collector's itemLiebhaberstück, Sammlerobjektcollector’s items, including a pricelessunbezahlbarpriceless Lalique vase.

    Once a year, we to set upaufstellenset up our own stallVerkaufsstandstall at a flea market in our neighbourhood. That’s when we to get rid of sth.etw. loswerdenget rid of all the useless knick-knackNippesknick-knacks that we’ve collected over the past year to make room for new acquisitionAnschaffungacquisitions. after allschließlichAfter all, we have only so much storage spaceLagerfläche, Speicherkapazitätstorage space.


    At the flea market: vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. market stallFlohmarktstandmarket stall
    2. vendorVerkäufer(in)vendor
    3. second-hand clothesgebrauchte Kleidungsecond-hand clothes
    4. tailcoatFracktailcoat
    5. grandfather clockStanduhrgrandfather clock
    6. rocking horseSchaukelpferdrocking horse
    7. crockeryGeschirrcrockery
    8. pram (UK)Kinderwagenpram (UK), baby carriage (N. Am.)Kinderwagenbaby carriage (N. Am.)
    9. vintage handbagVintage Handtaschevintage handbag
    10. vinyl recordsSchallplattenvinyl records
    11. second-hand booksgebrauchte Büchersecond-hand books
    12. tea cosyTeekannenwärmertea cosy
    13. medalsOrden, Medaillenmedals
    14. costume jewelleryModeschmuckcostume jewellery
    15. bustBüstebust 
    16. used furnituregebrauchte Möbelused furniture



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