Evenings outside

    Summer evening

    Is there anything more pleasant than a balmymildbalmy evening outdoors in summer? We present language you can use to talk about sitting out at night.


    to loungehier: lässig lehnenThe twilight hour

    It was a balmy Friday evening in July at the end of what had been one of the hottest days of the year’s heatwaveHitzewelleheatwave. Thanks to the fact that it was summer time, the sun still hadn’t set. streakStreifen, StrahlStreaks of red and orange were beginning to to spreadsich ausbreitenspread across the sky. The town squareMarktplatz, Stadtplatztown square was full of people to strollschlendern, bummelnstrolling along paths or sitting on benches, enjoying the gentle evening breezeBrisebreeze. Children to nagjmdm. zusetzennagged their parents to buy them an ice lollyEis am Stielice lolly from the cartWagencart. Teenage boys lounged against the church wall, to eye sbjmdn. betrachten, jmdn. musterneyeing gigglyalbern, kichriggiggly groups of teenage girls. A family was enjoying its supper al frescoim Freien, draußenal fresco on the green. Some of the older folkLeutefolk had placed chairs outside their front doors and sat chatting to the neighbours. Smoke to driftanwehendrifted across from a back garden, where someone had to fire upanschmeißen, anwerfenfired up the barbie (ifml.)Grillbarbie and was to flipumdrehen, wendenflipping burgers.
    duskAbenddämmerungDusk had to descendherabsinkendescended when a woman none of us had seen before crossed the square, her heel(Schuh-)Absatzheels click-clacking sharply on the cobblestones. All eyes were fixed on her. Even the teenage boys and the giggly girls had fallen silent. What was a stranger doing in the town at this hour?

    Evenings outside: vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.

    1. ice-cream cartEiswagenice-cream cart
    2. fountainSpringbrunnenfountain
    3. hamper, picnic basketPicknickkorbhamper, picnic basket
    4. rug (UK), blanketPicknickdeckerug (UK), blanket
    5. street cafeStraßencaféstreet cafe
    6. shawlSchal, Umhängetuchshawl
    7. mosquitoMückemosquito
    8. pathWegpath
    9. cobblestoneKopfsteinpflastercobblestone
    10. barbecueGrillbarbecue
    11. tongsFleischzangetongs
    12. insect repellentInsektenschutzmittelinsect repellent
    13. apronSchürzeapron
    14. charcoalHolzkohlecharcoal
    15. benchParkbankbench

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