A hill worth climbing

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    Von Melita Cameron-Wood

    “The Hill We Climb”

    Poetry isn’t always easy to understand. This is primarily because poets play with words in a way that we don’t tend to do in everyday conversation. It is definitely to be worth the effortdie Mühe wert seinworth the effort when it comes to Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb”, though. This poem is packed full of interesting language that is sure to excite the language enthusiasts among you.

    Now a household namevertrauter Namehousehold name, Gorman touched not only her fellow Americans, but the rest of the world with her inauguralAntritts-inaugural poem. As this self-described “skinnydünnskinny Black girl, to descend fromvon etw./jdm. abstammendescended from slaves and raised by a single mother,” began her first televisedim Fernsehen übertragentelevised recitalAufführungrecital, she demonstrated the power that words can have when used wisely.

    Watch the video below and listen carefully to Amanda’s words before doing the exercises below. You can pause or replay the video whenever you want to if you would like to check your answers.

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