Talking about the future

    Spotlight Plus 1/2020
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    On The Grammar Page in Spotlight 1/20, Adrian Doff presents ways of talking about the future. Here, you can do some exercises on the topic. We also provide you with a few explanations.


    Future plans

    Use going to to talk about your plans for the future — things you have decided to do:

    What are you going to do on Saturday? (= What are you planning to do on Saturday?)

    You can use “I’m going to go to…” — or simplify it to “I’m going to…”.




    You can also use will to talk about probability. It’s often used with the phrases “I’ll definitely…, “I’m sure I’ll…”, “I’ll probably…”, “I think I’ll…”, “Maybe I’ll…”:

    I’ll probably go to the cinema tomorrow night.




    • Use “going to” to talk about future plans.
    • Use the present continuous to talk about future arrangements.
    • Use “will” for spontaneous decisions and to show probability.


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