Multi-word verbs

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    Multi-word verbs
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    Some grammarians use the term “multi-word verbs” to include phrasal and prepositional verbs — in other words, verbs that consist of a base verb and one or two “small words”. Test your knowledge of multi-word verbs with the following exercises.


    There are four different types of multi-word verb:

    intransitive phrasal verbs (verb + adverbial particle):
    The plane took off half an hour late.


    transitive phrasal verbs (verb + adverbial particle + object):
    Please throw away these letters.


    prepositional verbs (verb + preposition + object):
    I’m waiting for my sister.


    phrasal-prepositional verbs (verb + adverbial particle + preposition + object):
    I need to get on with my work.


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