Health problems

    Spotlight Plus 1/2017
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    Read the dialogue and try the exercises below.


    Feeling poorly


    Alice: Hi, Jean! How are you?
    I think I'm coming down with flu. Everything hurts!
    Alice: You poor thing! Are you running a fever?
    Jean: No, but I've got a sore throat and a headache.
    Alice: Sounds like you've caught that nasty cold that's going around. Have you called in sick?
    Jean: Yes. My boss wasn't happy. Many of my colleagues are also off sick.
    I hope Ben is taking good care of you.
    Jean: He's not feeling well either. His back is giving him trouble.
    Alice: He should see a doctor.
    Jean: He just takes painkillers, although they give him stomachache.
    Alice: They can make him ill! Do you need anything from the chemist's?
    Jean: Well, maybe just something over the counter...Achoo!
    Alice: Bless you!


    Now you have read the dialogue, test your knowledge with the exercises below.


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