Grammar made simple

    Spotlight 2/2019
    Mädchen mit Fallschirm liest ein Buch
    Von Dagmar Taylor

    Mastering English grammar can be trickyknifflig, schwierigtricky. There’s no doubt about that. But our mission here in the language team at Spotlight is to make it as clear and simple for you as possible.

    With the following test, you can check your own use of grammatical structures and refresh your knowledge of the most important grammar rules. As always, we have some easy-to-follow tips that will help you feel more confident about to applyanwendenapplying these rules.



    Noch mehr Grammatikübungen und Tipps ...

    ... finden Sie in der Ausgabe 2/2019 von Spotlight. In unserem Sprachfeature stellen wir ausführlich häufige Fehler und einfach umzusetzende Grammatiktipps vor. Bestellen Sie in unserem Shop das Printmagazin oder E-Paper. 

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