Word power

    Donald Trump
    Von Talitha Linehan

    “I know words,” said Donald Trump at a 2015 rallyKundgebungrally in the US state of South Carolina. “I have the best words.” This might sound like a very simplistic thing for a presidential candidate to say. But author Jennifer Sclafani says that it is the simplicity of Trump’s words that helped him to become the 45th president of the US. Sclafani, an associatehier: außerordentlichassociate professor at Georgetown University’s Department of Linguistics in Washington, DC, has written a book called Talking Donald Trump. She told The Washington Post that she has studied Trump’s language use for two years and that “he is interesting to me linguistically because he speaks like everybody else. And we’re not used togewöhnt anused to hearing that from a president.”


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