Visiting a castle

    Spotlight 10/2017
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    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Welcome to Beaumaris Castle!

    Beaumaris is one of the finest examples of medievalmittelalterlichmedieval architecture in Britain and is listed as a World Heritage SiteWeltkulturerbeWorld Heritage Site. It is part of a ring of fortificationBefestigungsanlagefortifications built by King Edward I along the coast of North Wales. Construction work began in 1295, but the king to run out of moneykein Geld mehr habenran out of money. The castle was never completed and to fall into ruinzerfallenfell into ruin. Thanks to extensiveumfangreichextensive restoration workRestaurierungsarbeitenrestoration work, it is neverthelessdennoch, trotzdemnevertheless well preservedgut erhaltenwell preserved today. The castle is heavily fortifiedbefestigtfortified, with two sets of curtain wallRingmauercurtain walls, and was considered impregnable. The outer wall connects 12 turrets and is partlyteilweisepartly surrounded by a water-filled moat. A drawbridge offered extra protection. The inner wall is 11 metres high and nearly five metres thick. Visitors can explore its interior passagewayDurchgangpassageways, connecting six towers and two gatehouses. One of the towers contains the remainsÜberreste, Ruinenremains of the castle chapelKapellechapel, with pointed windowSpitzbogenfensterpointed windows and a vaulted ceilingGewölbedeckevaulted ceiling. The huge bailey was meant to contain domestic buildingHaushaltsgebäudedomestic buildings, so there would have been plenty of room for a lavishverschwenderisch, überreichlavish royal householdköniglicher Hofroyal household.

    Castle vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.

    Vocabulary list

    1. ​​​​​​moatBurggrabenmoat: Burggraben
    2. curtain wallBurgmauercurtain wall: Burgmauer
    3. arrow slitsSchießschartenarrow slits: Schießscharten
    4. turretEcktürmchenturret: Ecktürmchen
    5. battlementsZinnenbattlements: Zinnen
    6. walkwayWehrgangwalkway: Wehrgang
    7. buttressVerstärkungen, Pfeilerbuttress: Verstärkungen, Pfeiler
    8. gatehouseTorhausgatehouse: Torhaus
    9. murder holePechnasemurder hole: Pechnase
    10. portcullisFallgitterportcullis: Fallgitter
    11. drawbridgeZugbrückedrawbridge: Zugbrücke
    12. baileyBurghofbailey: Burghof
    13. keepWohnturmkeep: Wohnturm
    14. dungeonKerker, Verliesdungeon: Kerker, Verlies
    15. wellBrunnenwell: Brunnen


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