Von Anna Hochsieder

    Knitting fellows

    Alan: What are you doing, Mark?
    Mark: I’m to knitstrickenknitting a jumperPulloverjumper.
    Alan: Good for you! I didn’t know you enjoyed doing needleworkHandarbeitneedlework. Most men don’t even know how to to darnstopfendarn a sock or to sew onannähensew on a buttonKnopfbutton.
    Mark: I know. My girlfriend gave me a voucherGutscheinvoucher for a taster workshopSchnupperkurstaster workshop a while ago. I’ve been knitting away ever since. I do get the oddseltsam, sonderbarodd funny look on public transport, but who cares? It’s the most relaxing pastimeFreizeitbeschäftigungpastime I know.
    Alan: And I guess you’re never short of ideas for Christmas presents.
    Mark: Exactly. Would you like me to teach you?
    Alan: No need — I’ve recently to take upaufnehmen, anfangentaken up knitting myself!
    Mark: Seriously? That’s fantastic!
    Alan: I’m not very good at it, but I can to cast on and off(Strickmaschen) aufnehmen und abkettencast on and off, and I know the difference between a knit stitchrechte Mascheknit stitch and a purl stitchlinke Maschepurl stitch.
    Mark: Great! You should try crochetingHäkelncrocheting next.
    Alan: (laughs) I might just do that.

    Knitting vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.


    1.   sewing machineNähmaschinesewing machine: Nähmaschine
    2.   needleNäh-/Sticknadelneedle: Näh-/Sticknadel
    3.   frame(Stick-)Rahmenframe: (Stick-)Rahmen
    4.   embroideryStickarbeitembroidery: Stickarbeit
    5.   canvasLeinen, Stramincanvas: Leinen, Stramin
    6.   embroidery flossStickgarnembroidery floss: Stickgarn
    7.   scissorsScherescissors: Schere
    8.  knitting needleStricknadel knitting needle: Stricknadel
    9.   a ball of wool/yarnWollknäuela ball of wool/yarn: Wollknäuel
    10. thimbleFingerhutthimble: Fingerhut
    11. cotton reel (UK), spool of thread (US)Fadenspulecotton reel (UK), spool of thread (US): Fadenspule
    12. pincushionNadelkissenpincushion: Nadelkissen
    13. pinNadelpin: Nadel
    14. tape measureMaßbandtape measure: Maßband
    15. crochet hookHäkelnadelcrochet hook: Häkelnadel
    16. safety pinSicherheitsnadelsafety pin: Sicherheitsnadel


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