My top 10 for summer

    Peter Flynn vor Australienflagge
    Von Peter Flynn

    Summer officially starts in December in Australia, and that means happy days. For me, summer is about simple pleasures, and I’ll quickly name my top 10.

    At the top of the list is sleeping light, just under a cotton sheetBetttuchsheet with no blanket or doona (Aus.)Daunendeckedoona required (1). There is something very relaxing about not having heavy covers to keep you warm.

    Eating freshly caught prawnGarnele, Krabbeprawns, which will be in abundantreichlichabundant supply for about A$ 20 a kilogram over the whole summer, is certainly high on the list (2). I like to have them with crustyknusprigcrusty bread and a cold beer while I’m sitting on the lawn.

    Beer never tastes better than late on a hot day (3). I drink only mid-strength beer (about 3.5 per cent alcohol), a healthier choice, especially in summer. I can also be tempted to to forgo sth.auf etw. verzichtenforgo red wine in favour of a crispfrischcrisp, dry white, with a couple of ice cubeWürfelcubes thrown in (4). I learned that trick decades ago on the Greek islands; it keeps the drink chilled and lowers the alcohol content.

    Of course, there’s the fishing, especially off the beach in the early morning or late afternoon (5). In warmer water, I find, fish are far more to be inclined to do sth.geneigt sein, etw. zu tuninclined to bite. Which brings me to barbecues (6). Freshly caught fish straight off a hotplate is synonymous with summer and outdoor entertainment. So, too, are barbecued steaks and sausages, at least one evening a week. Isn’t it great to get out of the kitchen? The barbecue companion is naturally a salad made from whatever is homegrown or in season. This is also a time when I make coleslawKrautsalatcoleslaw several times a week.

    Oh, Christmas — I almost forgot. That’s a big part of summer

    Another of summer’s simple pleasures is going barefoot (7). Last summer, I think I went for about two months without once wearing shoes or socks. Yeah, sometimes, I wore thongs (flip-flops) to protect the soles of my feet from hot concreteBetonconcrete or asphalt, but mostly, I was barefoot. When I finally had to put on a pair of shoes for some formal occasion, I almost fell over several times — and that was just getting down the hallway from my bedroom to the front door.

    Summer in Australia is equally linked to international Test cricketdie wichtigste Austragungsform im CricketsportTest cricket (8). On really hot, lazy days, you can turn on the air conditioning and watch the game on television all day or just various sessions of play.

    From early December until mid-January, there will be four Tests (games) against India, the world’s top-ranked side. My favourite is the Boxing Day (UK, Aus.)zweiter WeihnachtsfeiertagBoxing Day Test, played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of up to 90,000 people. What a way to recover from all the Christmas overeating?

    Oh, Christmas (9) — I almost forgot. That’s a big part of summer, because half the country is on holidays between now and the end of January. Finally, the other thing I love about summer is that people are friendlier, more relaxed and, well, just nicer generally (10). That’s why I to reckon (ifml.)meinen, denkenreckon it’s happy days.

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