Helping everyone to stay warm

    Spotlight 2/2024
    Zwei Männer mit einer Schüssel Suppe
    © Martin Haake

    In each issue of Spotlight, we present interesting lives from around the English-speaking world. This time, we talk to Phil Allen, who volunteerehrenamtlich tätig sein​volunteers at a “warm space”.​

    What is a “warm space”?
    It’s a place where people can come to keep warm in the cold weather. It can be a church, a library, a community centre or a village hallGemeindezentrum​village hall. Heating is expensive and “warm spaces” help everyone to stay warm.​

    Are they freekostenlos​free?
    Yes. We have an “open door” policy – but we don’t leave the doors open because that lets the heat out!​

    What do people do there?
    They work on laptops, charge sth.etw. aufladen​charge their phones, read, chat. There’s a jigsawPuzzle​jigsaw table, some board games and a “community library” – which is just a bookcase with some old books and magazines. We do a cheap lunch – like a bowl of soup or a jacket potatoOfenkartoffeljacket potato – and we do free hot drinks.​

    Why do you volunteer there?
    I’m retired, but my wife works, so I started coming here from time to time because it was friendly and it was cheaper than heating the house all day just for me. Now, I volunteer as well.​

    Do you have a good tip for keeping warm?
    Wear something on your feet. My wife walks around barefoot and then tells me she’s cold. It drives me drive sb. mad (UK)jmdn. wahnsinnig machen​mad!​

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