A good laugh

    Bücher in verschiedenen Farben.

    Do you enjoy jokes? Then you will love Jeremy Taylor’s bilingual collection of English jokes, which is full of great English humour in the form of one-liner (ifml.)kurze, witzige Bemerkungone-liners, stories and wordplay. Each joke has been translated into German on the facinggegenüberliegendfacing page. This helps you to understand the structure and language used in British humour, and makes the jokes easier to remember.
    Here’s one of our favourites:

    Teacher: Okay, John, give me a sentence that begins with ‘I’.
    John: I is…
    Teacher: No, no, John. You should always say ‘I am’.
    John: I am a personal pronoun.

    There’s more fun to be had and even a few jokes the reader is challenged to translate.

    You can take a closer look at the book and order English Jokes in our Sprachenshop.

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