Destroyer: Nicole Kidman sitzt auf einer Treppe

    Australian actress Nicole Kidman is famous for changing her appearance, accent and gestures to the point of unrecognizability. The characters she plays, however, from cabaret star to frontier lady, are always strong. In Destroyer Kidman is Erin, a detective who is about as broken as a person can be. She’s doing a bad job both as a cop and as a single parent and remains haunted by the death of her detective partner Chris, killed 16 years ago during a bank robbery. When the gang members responsible for Chris’ death turn up again, Erin begins to hunt them down.

    The fascination of Kidman’s character (and her performance) is Erin’s unspoken awareness that she is part of the problem: revenge is only bittersweet when it’s this honest.

    Starts March 14.


    Official trailer