7 tips to learn and remember​

    Spotlight 7/2023
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    Von Lorraine Mallinder

    1. Motivation​

    Why do you want to learn this language? What do you need it for? Clarify this in your own mind.​

    2. English-only environment​

    English-only lessons aren't always effective. If you don’t understand something, it's perfectly OK to ask questions in German. And if your teacher uses German now and again, it doesn’t mean that they aren't doing their job properly.​

    3. Tests in language learning​

    Sometimes, you have to learn in order to pass a test. Most of the time, though, it's more helpful to test what you've learned bit by bit along the way. Testing grammar or vocabulary as chunkBrockenchunks without a contextZusammenhang​context isn't especially productive.​

    4. Vocabulary learning ​

    Two effective ways to remember vocabulary are with word cards (those you make yourself are probably best) and grouping words you want to learn by theme – arranging them in a story is better than putting them in groups of related words.​

    5. Goals​

    Set yourself a clear and realistic end goal – for example: “To understand films and series better.” Set yourself realistic interimvorläufig, Zwischen-​interim goals – for example: “Learn three new words every day before I start work.”​

    6. Training​

    Train your brain by doing a minimum of 10 minutes’ language training every single day. Read Spotlight articles, watch clips from the videos and films we recommend, listen to our audio recordings, practise speaking when you’re alone in the car or the shower.​

    7. Practise ​

    Use what you learn – for example, by writing a small text that includes each new word. Do the exercises in Spotlight magazine and in plus; watch a film in English or meet an English-speaking friend for lunch.​

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