Winter weather

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    Transcript: Winter weather

    Weatherman: For some of us, it’s going to be a troublesome week on the weather front, I’m afraid. disruptive snowstarker Schneefall, schwere Schneemassen​Disruptive snow is on the way. The temperatures are tumble(rapide) fallen, stürzen​tumbling and it’s starting to feel very cold. The ground is frozen solid, so the snow will have no problem settling. With strong winds in the south, it will feel like minus five degrees. A warning of snow for Tuesday, and subzero temperatures in the afternoon. Across some eastern and north-eastern areas, 10, 20 centimetres or more of snow could be lying by the end of Wednesday. And then the real problem arises towards the end of the week, when this low pressureTiefdruckgebiet​low pressure gets stuck in a cold easterly wind, and we could be in for a full-blown (ifml.)ausgewachsen​full-blown blizzard across the south.​

    Callum: Brrr! It makes me feel feel chillyfrösteln​chilly just thinking about it. I’m going to turn the heating up. How about a cup of tea?​

    Nigel: Yes, please. You know I love snow, but it creates a total nightmareAlbtraum​nightmare for commuterPendler(in)​commuters. It sounds like it’s going to be a good week for working at home. It would be really stupid to try to commute in a blizzard!​

    Callum: If it’s anything like last year’s cold snapplötzlicher Kälteeinbruch​cold snap, driving conditions will be awful and there’ll be loads of travel disruptionVerkehrschaos​travel disruption, too. You don’t have to go anywhere this week, do you?​

    Nigel: No, thank goodness!zum Glück!, Gott sei Dank!​thank goodness! I just hope we don’t get a power cutStromausfall​power cut.​

    Callum: We might if too much ice forms on the overhead lineOberleitung​overhead lines again.​

    Callum: Have you had a look outside yet? Everything’s covered in a blanket of white. It must have snowed quite a lot overnight. It’s so pretty!​

    Nigel: Look at the icicleEiszapfen​icicles hanging from the neighbours’ eavesDachvorsprung​eaves – it must be absolutely freezing out there. And the road hasn’t been cleared yet. I’d better get the snow shovel out and clear the path at least.​

    Callum: We might be snowed in. Not that we were planning on going anywhere. Do you think schools are closed?​

    Nigel: Maybe. I bet the kids would love a day offfreier Tag​day off to go sledging  Schlittenfahren​sledging and have snowball fights. But the snow ploughSchneepflug​snow plough will probably show up at some point and soon everything will turn to brown slushSchneematsch​slush.​

    Callum: All right, cheery chops (UK ifml.)Optimist(in), Sonnenschein​cheery chops. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.​

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