Who exactly is... Tyler Childers?

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    Tyler Childers
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    Transcript: Who exactly is... Tyler Childers?

    Most American country singers sing about country life in the U.S., and Tyler Childers does, too. But he also sings about topics many of his listeners probably find difficult, such as racism, police brutality, and religious intolerance. And recently, he made a video, for a song called “In Your Love,” about gay love.​

    Childers, 32, told NPR (National Public Radio) (US)Syndikat nichtkommerzieller Rundfunksender​NPR that his gay cousin inspired the video and that it’s important to him to be open about his beliefs, even if not all his listeners agree with him. “Even if you have the privilege of walking through this world unfazedunbeeindruckt, gelassen​unfazed, it’s more important than ever to stand with and for and up for things, to be be vocallautstark sein; hier: gehört werdenvocal,” he said.​

    From Lawrence County, Kentucky, Childers began writing songs and playing the guitar as a teenager. He became popular locally before finding fame with his 2017 album Purgatory. Childers has made six albums, including his latest, Rustin’ in the Rain.

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