What do you know about Hawaii?​

    Spotlight Audio 11/2022
    Blick auf die Küste von Na Pali, Kauai
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    Transcript: What do you know about Hawaii?​

    Idyllic and remoteabgelegen​remote, Hawaii is a US state and archipelago of 137 volcanic islandVulkaninsel​volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean. To many tourists, Hawaii is famous for hula dancing, surf culture and colourful shirts, but there’s much more to the islands. Try our quiz to see how much you really know about Hawaii.​

    “Aloha” is probably the most famous Hawaiian word. But what does it mean?​

    How are you doing?​
    Hello and goodbye​
    Thank you​

    The word “aloha” expresses feelings like love, affectionZuneigung​affection, peace and compassionMitgefühl, Wertschätzung​compassion, and it is also used as a simple greeting and farewellAbschiedsgruß​farewell. Oh, and those colourful shirts? They’re known as aloha shirts. Hawaii is also known as the “Aloha State”.​

    Here’s the second question. What’s the name of the capital of Hawaii?​

    Pearl City​

    Honolulu is the capital and main port of Hawaii. Situated on Oahu Island, it has a city population of around 350,000. It is famous for the popular Waikiki neighbourhoodhier: Stadtteil​neighbourhood and beach, as well as Diamond Head, an extincterloschen​extinct volcano.​

    Which explorer and his crew were the first Europeans to travel to Hawaii?​

    Amerigo Vespucci​
    Christopher Columbus​
    James Cook​

    In 1778, the English explorer Captain James Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to travel to Hawaii. Cook named the archipelago the Sandwich Islands. When Cook returned for a second visit to the islands in 1779, relations with the Hawaiians turned violent and Cook and some of his crew were killed.​

    What is the name of the garlandGirlande; hier: Blumenkette​garland or necklaceHalskette​necklace of flowers given in Hawaii as a tokenPfand; hier: Symbol, Zeichen​token of welcome and farewell?​


    The flower garland given in Hawaii is called a lei. Leis are often made of carnationNelke​carnations, ginger blossomIngwerblüte​ginger blossoms, jasmine or orchidOrchidee​orchids. They are given with a kiss to show hospitalityGastfreundschaft​hospitality. Traditionally, the visitor would throw the lei into the water as his or her ship leaves. The lei drifting back to shoreUfer, Küste​shore is a sign that the visitor may one day return to Hawaii.​

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