Time to get kitted out!

    Spotlight Audio 9/2021
    Colin Beaven vor Großbritannien-Flagge
    Von Colin Beaven

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    Transcript: Time to to get kitted out (UK)sich ausrüstenget kitted out!

     It’s essential to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Our British columnist, Colin Beaven, even recommends preparing yourself for a walk through town – the pavement can be a dangerous place.

    We should never go out without the right equipment. We’re told this again and again. But do we listen? Even in summer, the unexpected happens. Our weather can be very British and, every year, people get stuck on mountains wearing not much more than a pair of old flip-flops.

    It’s surprising when there are so many fancyausgefallen, originellfancy products for those who like to go outdoors. In fact, there’s a chain of shops called Go Outdoors. I find it hard to shop there: I walk in, see the sign saying “Go Outdoors” and walk straight back out.

    Fortunately, they have other customers who aren’t so quick to do as they’re told. The real rebels, though, are the ones who ignore advice and go hiking without the right kit (UK)Ausrüstung, Zubehörkit – without even a crossword or sudoku puzzle to do while they’re waiting for the helicopter to rescue them.

    It’s not just a problem on dry land. Every year, coastguards and lifeboats have to fish huge numbers of holidaymakers out of the sea because they’ve been overambitious, underequipped or simply unlucky – or a combination of all three.

    In towns, too, preparation is everything. Never go for a walk without a bicycle. Everyone else on the pavement (UK)Gehsteigpavement has one, so if you’re out on foot, it isn’t long before you have to jump out of the way and into the path of an oncoming bus to avoid serious injury.

    It’s also wise to wear bright clothing and carry a light. Cyclists never have lights. They wouldn’t want to risk them being stolen. Or they think it looks cool. Or they enjoy to startle sb.jmdn. aufscheuchenstartling pedestrianFußgänger(in)pedestrians. Or a combination of all three. And if cyclists are travelling in opposite directions along the same pavement, which of them has right of wayVorfahrtright of way? That’s obvious: the one with the Deliveroo bag.

    The company that delivers so many of the nation’s takaway (UK)Mitnahme-, Liefergerichttakeaways has a logo that acts like a flashing blue light. Everyone to scatterauseinanderstiebenscatters when emergency portions of spicy chicken wings are in transit. Perhaps the people who deliver pizza really should be to classeinstufenclassed as an emergency service – alongside the police, the fire brigade (UK)Feuerwehrfire brigade and ambulances. That might even persuade Deliveroo to start paying them a decentangemessen, anständigdecent wage.

    I doubt that cyclists will ever cycle logically. So, I’ll just have to cope psychologically. The right mentality helps, but what you really need is the HarleyDavidson of the pavement: a mobility scooterElektromobilmobility scooter. It’s the only thing that’ll make a cyclist slow down, especially if your mobility scooter has extra mirrors and very loud music. And great big, thick bumperStoßstangebumpers, of course – like the ones dodgem (UK)Autoscooterdodgems have at a fair. Bumpers are so important now that the streets are filling up with e-scooters.

    You can see why people like to spend their time out in the hills in the middle of nowhere. If only they took the right equipment with them – to keep themselves warm while they’re waiting to be rescued by an emergency service – and, of course, a voucherGutscheinvoucher for ten per cent off their first order from Deliveroo.

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