Talking about your holidays

    Spotlight Audio 12/2022
    Flugzeug über Stadt
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    Transcript: Two holidays

    Now we’re going to look at phrases to do with travel. Listen to the following dialogue between Christine and Nick. They are talking about their recent holidays abroad. Whose holiday would you prefer?

    Christine: How was your holiday? You went to South America, didn’t you?
    Nick: Yes, it was amazing! We flew to Lima and stayed at an all-inclusive resort on the coast. We went trekking in the mountains and up to Machu Picchu. The landscape was incredible! It was the best holiday ever. What about you? Did you go anywhere nice?
    Christine: Normandy. We took the ferry and went camping for a week with the kids. We didn’t explore very much because the children were happy at the campsite. It had good facilityAnlagefacilities, with a pool, and we were two minutes from the beach. The weather was great, thank goodness! We’ll do some bigger trips when the children are older.

    In the dialogue, Nick said he flew to Lima and stayed at an all-inclusive resort on the coast. Listen to this description of a flight home after a holiday. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

    I had a great holiday, but my flight back to Manchester was the worst I’ve ever had. First, we were delayed / cancelled for three hours. 


    Then, I had to sit locked / squeezed between two rather large men.


    And worst of all, we hit / met extreme turbulence.


    We were all having our lunch, when suddenly there was this bump, and the aeroplane just sank / dropped several hundred metres. 


    The oxygenSauerstoffoxygen masks fell down / fell off.

    fell down

    We were told to close / fasten our  seatbeltSicherheitsgurtseatbelt, Sicherheitsgurt immediately.


    Luckily, I was wearing mine anyway, but the man next to me wasn’t. He was thrown / jumped out of his seat.


    His tomato juice poured /spilled all over me.


    Luggage was falling out of the overhead lockerGepäckfachoverhead / upper lockers.


    In the end, our plane was to debarklandendebarked / to divertumleitendiverted to Birmingham, where we landed safely.



    Illustration: Sylvia Wolf

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