Routemaster bus​

    Spotlight 13/2023
    roter Doppeldeckerbus
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    Transcript: Routemaster bus​

    A popular sight on London’s roads and recognized around the world: the welcoming red AEC Routemaster bus symbolizes millions of journeys and is a cultural icon in the UK.

    In 1947, London Transport decided it needed a new bus. The first prototypes appeared in 1954, and the AEC Routemaster bus began service in 1956. The bright-red, double-decker bus was built from lightweight aluminium, with a front diesel engine, power steeringServolenkung​power steering and automatic gearsAutomatikgetriebe​automatic gears. Its main design feature was an open rear platformoffener, rückwärtiger Einstieg​open rear platform, which passengers used to get on and off the bus. There was seating for 64 passengers, with tickets sold by a bus conductor (UK)Schaffner(in)​conductor.​

    Reliable and loved by Londoners and visitors alikegleichermaßen​alike, the Routemaster remained in service until 2005. Soon after, work began on the New Routemaster, launched in 2012, with an easy-access low rear platformrückwärtiger Niederflureinstieg​low rear platform. Original Routemasters are still in use, mainly in hier: Nostalgie-Fahrt​heritage and tourism, and also in films, TV and popular culture.​

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