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    Transcript: Pun fun

    First listen to the story and find the four amusing puns, or wordplays. I’ll then explain them afterwards. Ready? Let’s start!

    When a Wienermobile was stopped by police earlier this year on a street in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, it was a great opportunity for the media to have some fun with wordplay. We have reused four of these puns here. Can you find them?

    Pun fun

    The Wienermobile, an almost nine-meter-long promotional vehicle for the Oscar Mayer meat company, was stopped for to hog (ifml.)in Beschlag nehmen; Wortspiel mit „hog“ (Schwein)hogging the road. Police grill sb. (ifml.)jmdm. auf den Zahn fühlen; Wortspiel mit „grill“ (grillen)grilled the driver, who probably did not to relish sth.genießen; Wortspiel mit „relish“ (Würzsauce)relish being stopped, but police pointed out that not making way for emergency vehicles does not cut the mustard (ifml.)es bringen; Wortspiel mit „mustard“ (Senf)cut the mustard.

    Could you find the four puns? The first wordplay was “stopped for hogging the road”. To hog something means to take or use more than your share of something. However, a hog is also a pig. Next up was “Police grilled the driver”. To grill means to cook food over fire or hot coals. To grill can also mean to ask someone a lot of questions. The third pun was “did not relish being stopped”. To not relish something is to not enjoy it. And relish is also a type of sauce that’s eaten with food to add flavour to it. And the final pun was “does not cut the mustard”. Of course, mustard is a thick yellow or brown sauce that tastes spicy. But the expression “to not cut the mustard” means to not be able to deal with problems or difficulties satisfactorily. Why not listen again and really relish it?

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