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    In Everyday English, we’re looking at vocabulary people might use when they are at the post office. You’ll hear three dialogues. In the first dialogue, Laura has gone to her local post office to send off a couple of things. She talks to Ali, who works there. As you listen to their conversation, try to answer this question. By what method does Laura want to send her passport applicationAntragapplication?

    Ali: Good morning! How are you? I haven’t seen you for a while.
    Laura: I’m fine, thanks. Well, I am now. I had Covid up until last week.
    Ali: Oh no! I’m glad to hear you’re well again. So many people have it at the moment. What can I do for you this morning?
    Laura: I’ve got a returnRücksendungreturn here. My daughter’s been ordering clothes online. And she sends me to the post office to return them.
    Ali: Ah, teenagers. OK, just pop it on the scales for me, please. OK, pass it over, please. Here’s your receiptQuittungreceipt. Anything else?
    Laura: Yes, I have to send off my passport application and it has my old passport in it, so I’d like to send it by registered postper Einschreibenby registered post..

    Laura wants to send her passport application by registered post. That way, she can claim money if it arrives late, is lost or is damaged. In the second dialogue, Laura learns more about the safest way to send her passport. What word describes the cost of sending a letter or parcelPäckchenparcel by post?

    Ali: OK, no problem. We can send it by special deliverySonderzustellung, Eilzustellungspecial delivery, which means the letter is tracked and signed for on delivery. It’ll cost £6.75, and that includes compensation coverEntschädigungcompensation cover for up to £500.
    Laura: That’s fine. I thought it would be more expensive than that.
    Ali: It’s not too bad, is it? OK, just pop that on the scalesWaagescales for me, too. Right, that’s that. What else can I do for you?
    Laura: I’ve got two cards to send to friends in Australia, but I’m not sure if I’ve got the right postage. Is £1.70 enough?
    Ali: Not any more, I’m afraid. It’s gone up to £1.85. You’ll need two 15 pence stamps and a couple of airmail stickers.
    Laura: Oh, OK. Thanks, Ali.

    The cost of sending a letter or parcel by post is known as “the postage”. In the final dialogue, Laura has just remembered that she needs some stamps, too. What is the name of the service in the UK that collects and delivers letters?

    Ali: Will that be all today?
    Laura: Yes, thank you. No, wait. I’ll take some first-classgarantierte Zustellung am Folgetagfirst-class stamps while I’m here.
    Ali: OK. How many would you like?
    Laura: I’ll take six, please. How much is a first-class stamp now?
    Ali: It’s 95p these days. And a second-class stamp is 68p. OK, here you are. That’ll be £12.75 altogether, please. Oh, and remember that you’ll have to use your first-class stamps by January 2023. Royal Mail will be adding special barcodes to stamps to make it possible for people to send birthday messages, watch videos or take advantage of other new features in the future.
    Laura: Really? The things they to come up with sth.sich etw. einfallen lassencome up with!
    Ali: I know! Here’s your receipt – and don’t forget the receipt for your return.
    Laura: Oh, right. Thanks! See you next time. Bye.

    In the UK, Royal Mail is the name of the service that collects and delivers letters.

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