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    Spotlight Audio 12/2021
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    Owen: In the current edition of the magazine, we look at the vocabulary of travel with eight dialogues. John and his American wife, Amy, are preparing for their next holiday. We will learn and practise some of the key words and phrases in each dialogue. 

    In the first dialogue, the couple are talking about travel preparations. First listen to these words and phrases about organizing a journey. You’ll hear each word in German and then in English. Just listen.


    Reiseziel: destination

    buchen: (to) book

    Pauschalreise: package holiday

    Unterkunft: accommodation

    Selbstversorgung : self-catering


    Amy and John start planning their next holiday. Listen to their conversation. They’ll use those words and phrases we just heard.

    John: So, let’s make plans! First, we need to decide on a destination. With the possibility of Covid travel restrictionsReisebeschränkungentravel restrictions, it’s probably safer to choose somewhere here in the UK.

    Amy: Definitely. We don’t want to book a package holiday to the sun and then have to quarantine for two weeks. 

    John: Or we book a cruise and we’re stuck on the ship the whole time. A staycation (ifml.)Urlaub zu Hause oder im eigenen Landstaycation somewhere near here would be much simpler. We can find our own accommodation online. 

    Amy: What sort of accommodations are you thinking of? Hotel or self-catering? Or bed and breakfast?

    John: I don’t mind. What about you?

    Amy: Anything except camping. 

    John: What about glampingLuxus-Campingglamping? You know, luxury camping. That’s very popular at the moment. 

    Amy: In summer, maybe, but not now, out of seasonaußerhalb der Saisonout of season

    John: Anyway, the main question is: where do we want to go? 


    Owen: I’m going to give you a clue to each of our new words and phrases. Each time, we’ll beep out one of the words. So listen and, each time, say the missing word.


    First, we need to choose a place to go. 

    First, we need to choose a ____.



    Shall we travel independently, or book a more organized holiday? 

    Shall we travel independently or book a ____.

    Package holiday


    We can buy our holiday online. 

    We can ____ everything online.



    We can start looking at hotels and apartments. 

    We can start looking at ____.



    What sort of accommodations are you thinking of? Hotel or somewhere we can cook our own meals?

    What sort of accommodations are you thinking of? Hotel or ____?



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