“Live” from the coronation

    Spotlight Audio 6/2023
    King Charles
    © Georg Lechner

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    Transcript: A coronation special

    Inez: Welcome to Westminster Abbey at this very historic event: the crowning of King Charles the III. I’m here with my colleague Owen Connors to report live. Owen is closer to the altar where he’ll really see what’s going on. Owen, can you hear me?​

    Owen: Yes, I’m here just behind one of the pillarSäule​pillars and I’ve got a great view of the throne – can’t see the Coronation Chair, though.​

    Inez: Thank you, Owen. Well, back here, I am surrounded by royalty and heads of state from every corner of the globe and there are some celebrities, too. I think I’ve just seen the actor Emma Thompson and I definitely to spot sth./sb.etw./jmdn. entdecken​spotted the footballer David Beckham and his wife. Oh, I’ve just seen a minor royalsweniger bedeutende Mitglieder des britischen Königshauses​minor royal walking down the aisle. I’m not sure of the dress code but I think a strawberry pink hat covered in fruit is inappropriateunpassend​inappropriate. Oh dear, she’s just sat down in the pew in front of me and now I can’t see a thing. Owen, what’s happening at the altar?​

    Owen: Actually, it’s boiling here and I’m feeling a bit to feel faintfast ohnmächtig werden​faint, so I’m to fan oneselfsich Luft zufächeln​fanning myself with the order of service. You’re right about the dress code; there are some very strange outfits around me.​

    Inez: OK, I can hear Zadok the PriestTitel einer der vier Krönungshymnen​Zadok the Priest by Handel, and here he comes, the King in a fabulousfantastisch, märchenhaft​fabulous purplepurpurfarben​purple robe with a large ermine collarKragen​collar. He looks very dignifiedwürdevoll​dignified … but a bit hot. Owen?​

    Owen: I can just see him, too, moving slowly down the aisle … this is a historic moment. Oh no! He’s to tripstolpern​tripped over his robe and done a complete auf die Schnauze fallen​face plant. How terrible … but wait, someone is stepping forward to help him … and I think … yes, it’s Harry. This is history in the making. Is this the moment of reconciliationVersöhnung​reconciliation?  ​

    Inez: Right, I’m coming to join you. Yes, I can see Charles and Harry. Amazing! But the King is all tangled upverwickelt​tangled up in his robe and can’t get up. Someone else has rushed over to help. Can you see who it is?​

    Owen: It’s Barack Obama. He has extended his hand to the King and he’s saying something encouraging … I think he’s saying, “Yes, you can!”​

    Inez: How very touching … more history here. And here comes the Queen Consort. She’s got her hanky (ifml.)Taschentuch​hanky out and is to dababtupfen​dabbing her husband’s face while Harry and Barack Obama to adjust sth.etw. geraderichten​adjust the robes. What’s that bumping sound, Owen?​

    Owen: The King must have dropped the orb, and young prince Louis has picked it up … wait he’s not giving it to his grandfather … he’s dropkicked it down the naveKirchenschiff​nave. Ouch, that must have hurt his foot. Everyone is to gaspnach Luft schnappen​gasping … and you are not going to believe this, but David Beckham has just stepped out from one of the pews and he’s etw. abfangen​intercepted the ball … I mean the orb. He’s picking it up and taking it to the King. Can this investiture get any worse?​

    Inez: I think that’s what you call the human face of royaltyAngehörige(r) der britischen Königsfamilie​royalty. Charles seems to have made a good recovery. He’s got his orb and sceptre and now he’s reached the altar and has turned to face us and incredibly there is a great big smile on his face.​

    Owen: Perhaps he’s just relieved to have made it to the Coronation Chair. He’s not sitting down though. Inez, do we know what’s going on?​

    Inez: Wait, someone is trying to talk to me. hang on (ifml.)warte mal, Moment​Hang on, Owen. Yes … yes, really? I’m not sure. Is that even legal? OK, if you say so.​

    Owen: What’s happening?​

    Inez: You know there’s a tubeLondoner U-Bahn​tube strike. Well, it seems as if half the people who are going to swear allegiance to the King are stuck in a tunnel at Piccadilly Circus. I’ve been asked to to stand ineinspringen​stand in.​

    Owen: You’re not going to do it, are you?​

    Inez: Why not? This is my big chance. There’s a massive hole in my tightsStrumpfhose​tights, and I haven’t washed my hair, but who cares.​

    Owen: Can I join in, too?​

    Inez: Sorry, they only want women to make up the numbers (ifml.)die Mannschaft komplett kriegen​make up the numbers. Listen! This is the moment before the oathEid, Schwur​oath when we sing God Save the King. The anointing comes later.​

    Inez: With that very upliftingerbaulich​uplifting melody we end our very own version of the coronation. We hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps, you will watch or have watched some or all of it on television. We do, of course, hope things went more smoothly than in our little pastichePersiflage​pastiche.​

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