The importance of moo

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    Transcript: The importance of moo

    Next time you’re out on a walk in the countryside and hear a cow to moomuhenmooing, listen carefully. It might sound like a randomwillkürlichrandom meaningless noise, but scientists in Australia have discovered when cattle moo, they are communicating with each other. Martin Cooke from down underSpitzname für Australiendown under is here to tell us more. Or should that be mooooo…re? Martin!

    We all know that cows to go moomuh machengo moo, but a new study has found that the sounds cows make are part of a complex system of communication. The study, by the University of Sydney, found that each cow has a distincteindeutigdistinct voice, which it uses to communicate its emotions to other members of its herdHerdeherd. Alexandra Green led the study, which recorded and analysed 333 moo sounds. She told The Independent: “Even without looking at them in the herd, I can tell which one is making a noise just based on her voice.” Green hopes that farmers will use her findings to better understand their cows’ emotions so that they can take better care of them.

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