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    Converse Sneaker

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    Transcript: Converse All Stars​

    Basketball was still new in the U.S. when the Converse Rubber Company launched its “non-skidrutschfest​Non-Skid All Star” basketball shoe in 1917. Made from cotton canvasBaumwolle in Leinenbindung​cotton canvas, the shoe had a high top, and a rubber toe cap.​

    Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse as a sales rep (representative)Handelsvertreter(in)​sales rep in 1921. A semipro (semiprofessional)halbprofessionell​semipro player, he ran basketball “clinics,” at which he sold All Stars to players and coaches. Their feedback led to changes in design: more flexibility, a pivot buttonNiete​pivot button to stop excess sole wearSohlenabrieb​sole wear, and a circular ankle patchAufnäher am Knöchel​ankle patch featuring the All Star logo.​

    Taylor became so famous that his signature was added to the ankle patch. The classic black-and-white All Star model was launched in 1949; the low-cut Oxford sneaker (N. Am.)Sportschuh​sneaker followed in 1957. As the market for tennis shoes boomed, All Stars became countercultureGegenkultur​counterculture fashion, especially in the alternative music scene. Known as “Chucks” or “Chuck Taylors,” All Stars evolvesich entwickeln​evolved from sports shoes to inexpensive casualFreizeit-​casual footwear. They remain much loved by wrestlerRinger(in)​wrestlers and weightlifterGewichtheber(in)​weightlifters.​

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