BBC producer Robin Markwell

    Spotlight Audio 3/2017
    Robin Markwell, Reporter für die BBC über politische Themen.
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    Transcript: BBC producer Robin Markwell

    In a Day in My Life, we meet Robin Markwell. The 35-year-old from England is a political producer and reporter for the BBC. He works for BBC Bristol, in the west of England, interviewing politicians and entertainers, as well as people on the street.
    In the following interview, Markwell explains how working for the BBC has helped his career. Markwell uses some vocabulary specific to journalism. “Network radio” describes a group of stations that connect to broadcast a programme at the same time. And a “flagship programme” is the most important programme a station produces.

    I consider myself very lucky to work for the BBC, a national broadcaster known the world over. There are so many different programmes that you could possibly work on and within the BBC, it is quite easy to find yourself on placementhier: Einsatzplacements in other departments [where] you learn new skills.

    I began in local radio in Bristol in England, and I’ve to branch outhier: in anderen Bereichen arbeitenbranched out since then to work on regional TV, the nightly Points West bulletin, now the weekly Sunday Politics show. But I also work with my colleagues at network radio. I’ve been a network radio correspondent covering events all over the country. I’ve worked for Radio 4 — again a big name across the world — for programmes like Costing the Earth, which is an environmental programme or Farming Today, which looks at agriculturalLandwirtschafts-agricultural issues in the UK, or, most recently, Any Questions?, which is the flagship political programme for Radio 4, where I had to produce the programme, choose the guests, choose the questions and hope it all to go to plannach Plan verlaufenwent to plan.

    Every programme and every department is different and works in a different way, so I find it very engaginghier: spannendengaging to be able to just to floathier: sich hin- und herbewegenfloat between these different departments, pick up new skills, meet new contacts and forgeschmieden, formenforge a different way through my broadcasting career beyond sth.über etw. hinaus, weiter als etw.beyond just sticking [with] the same programme.


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