Airstream trailer​

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    Spotlight 11/2023
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    Transcript: Airstream trailer

    The shinyglänzend​shiny aluminum surface to signal sth.etw. signalisieren, erkennen lassen​signals the adventure of the road, combining perfectly engineer sth.etw. konstruieren​engineered curves with home comforts. Airstream trailer (N. Am.)(Wohnwagen)Anhänger​trailers inspire travel across the world.​

    Born in Oregon in 1896, Wally Byam loved the the outdoorsdie freie Natur​outdoors. He built his own travel trailers and, in 1931, set up a factory in Culver City, California. There, he produced the Torpedo Car Cruiser, a teardrop-shapedstromlinienförmig​teardrop-shaped trailer featuring a stoveHerd, Ofen​stove, a sinkSpülbecken​sink, an icebox, and storage.​

    In 1936, Byam launch sth.etw. auf den Markt bringen​launched the Airstream Clipper. Light, strong, and aerodynamic, it set new standards in trailer design. In 1958, the Airstream International became the first self-containedeigenständig, autark​self-contained travel trailer. Byam tested the models on road trips, adding elements such as an emergency exit, a water heater, and a toilet. If he couldn’t invent it, he found someone who could.​

    Wally Byam died in 1962, but his legacyVermächtnis​legacy continues to this day: Over 75 percent of all Airstream trailers ever built remain on the road. After many millions of miles, Airstream still makes travel dreams come true.​

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