A day at the races

    At the races
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Royal Ascot, which takes place in June each year, is one of the highlights of Britain’s social season. We invite you to spend a day at the races.


    Royal Ascot

    Every year in June, Ascot, a small town near Windsor, to hostausrichten, veranstaltenhosts what is probably the world’s most famous race meetingRennveranstaltungrace meeting. This five-day flat racingFlachrennenflat-racing event to attractanlockenattracts around 300,000 visitors, including the Queen and other members of the royal family, making it one of the highlights of the British social calendareiner der gesellschaftlichen Höhepunkte in Großbritannienone of the highlights of the British social calendar.

    Tickets are available for four different areas, known as enclosurehier: Zuschauerbereichenclosures. While formal attireGesellschaftskleidungformal attire is requested in all areas, the dress codeKleiderordnungdress code is particularly strict in the Royal Enclosureköniglicher ZuschauerbereichRoyal Enclosure, which is reserved for members.

    If you want to to try one's lucksein Glück versuchentry your luck at horse racingPferderennenhorse racing, here’s what to do: to pick a winnereinen Gewinner auswählenpick a winner, and decide on the stakeWetteinsatzstake and the type of betWettebet you wish to make (winSiegwin, placePlatzierung, Rangplace or each-wayEach-Way-Wette (eine Kombi-Wette, bei der man zur Hälfte auf Sieg, zur Hälfte auf die Platzierung setzt)each-way). If you are lucky enough to have backed the winnerauf den Gewinner gesetzt habenbacked the winner and the the odds are longdie Chancen stehen schlechtodds are long, you might end up with a tidy little sumein nettes Sümmchena tidy little sum.

    Even if you’re not the horseypferdenärrischhorsey type, you can still get your money’s worth at Ascot. The Royal Meetinghier: königliche AnwesenheitRoyal Meeting is no less famous for its eccentric millineryDamenhütemillinery than for its equestrian eventPferdesportveranstaltungequestrian events. On Ladies’ Day, the Thursday of Ascot Week, punters to bet on sth.auf etw. wettenbet on the colour of the queen’s hat. Last year, it was shocking pinkschrilles Pinkshocking pink.



    A day at the races: vocabulary

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. punter (UK, ifml.)Wetter(in)punter (UK ifml.)
    2. bookmakerBuchmacher(in)bookmaker
    3. winningsGewinnwinnings
    4. racecourse, racetrackPferderennbahnracecourse, racetrack
    5. grandstandZuschauertribünegrandstand
    6. bitKandarebit
    7. bridleZaumzeugbridle
    8. reinsZügelreins
    9. jockeyJockeyjockey
    10. thoroughbred racehorseVollblutpferdthoroughbred racehorse
    11. saddleSattelsaddle
    12. stirrupSteigbügelstirrup
    13. fascinatorFaszinator, Kopfputzfascinator
    14. racecardRennprogrammracecard
    15. top hatZylinderhuttop hat 
    16. winning postZielpfostenwinning post
    17. home straight (UK), home stretch (N. Am.)Zielgeradehome straight (UK), home stretch (N. Am.)
    18. betting slipWettzettelbetting slip



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