Visiting a castle — the card game


    Test your vocabulary with our card-matching game

    How good is your castle vocabulary? Test what you know with our fun card game!

    Each card below is one of a pair — a picture and the correspondingentsprechend, dazugehörigcorresponding word. Click on a card to turn it over, then on another card to see if it is the correct match. You'll need to use your memory to match the picture with its correct name!

    Need some help? Then read our related online article Visiting a castle or take a look at the October issue of Spotlight magazine. Have fun! 



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    Dieser Beitrag stammt aus dem Spotlight-Magazin 10/2017. Die gesamte Ausgabe können Sie in unserem Shop kaufen. Natürlich gibt es das Magazin auch bequem und günstig im Abo.