Growing herbs

    Growing herbs
    Von Anna Hochsieder

    Fresh or dried herbs add flavour to any dish. Here, we present language to talk about growing them in your garden or on your windowsill.



    Many herbs to thriveblühenthrive both indoors and outdoors — in terracotta potTerrakottatopfterracotta pots, window boxBalkonkastenwindow boxes or hanging basketBlumenampelhanging baskets, in flower bedBlumenbeetflower beds and vegetable patchGemüsebeetvegetable patches. While most herbs do not need highly fertile soilNährboden, fruchtbarer Bodenfertile soil, they do need plenty of natural sunlightnatürliches Sonnenlichtnatural sunlight. When growing herbs indoors, choose a windowsillFensterbrettwindowsill that faces south or south-west.



    Sow seeds in seed trayAnzuchtschaleseed trays or small potkleiner Topfsmall pots in late winter, and to plantpflanzenplant the seedlingSetzlingseedlings in the garden once there is no longer any danger of frostFrostfrost. Some hardywinterharthardy annualeinjährige Pflanzeannuals such as parsleyPetersilieparsley, corianderKoriandercoriander or dillDilldill can be to sowsäensown outdoors in early spring.

    perennialausdauernde PflanzePerennials can be to propagatevermehrenpropagated by taking cuttingStecklingcuttings from existing plants; or you can divide older plants by carefully pulling the rootWurzelroots apart.


    Watering and fertilization

    Most herbs do not to growwachsengrow in wet soilnasser Bodenwet soil, so be careful not to to overwaterüberwässernoverwater them, and make sure there is good drainageWasserableitungdrainage. Herbs in containerGefäß, Behältercontainers should be fed regularly with fertilizerDüngerfertilizer during the growing seasonVegetationszeitgrowing season.



    Herbs are best to harvesterntenharvested before the plants start to to bloomblühenbloom. Freshly picked sprigZweigleinsprigs and leafBlattleaves can be dried or frozen for later use.



    The vocabulary of growing plants and herbs

    Click the hotspots in the image to discover the vocabulary. You will find a list with translations below.



    1. hanging basketBlumenampelhanging basket
    2. soil(Planz-)Erdesoil 
    3. basilBasilikumbasil
    4. flowerpot/planterBlumentopfflowerpot/planter
    5. raised bedHochbeetraised bed
    6. dillDilldill
    7. parsleyPetersilieparsley
    8. mintMinzemint
    9. sageSalbeisage
    10. chivesSchnittlauchchives
    11. thymeThymianthyme
    12. marjoramMajoranmarjoram
    13. rosemaryRosmarinrosemary
    14. seed trayAnzuchtschaleseed tray
    15. seedsSamenseeds
    16. rootWurzelroot
    17. seedlingSetzlingseedling
    18. window boxBalkonkastenwindow box



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